G. W. Hellyer Elementary, Franklin-McKinley Elementary
725 Hellyer Avenue San Jose, CA 95111
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The Educational Results Partnership Outperforming Look-a-Like Schools measure utilizes a statistical method called a linear regression which models the causal relationship between two variables. Once the relationship has been identified, supplying the value for one of the variables will allow a prediction of the other value.

The linear regression model creates the expectation for performance based on the percentage of a demographic group in the school population. Look-a-Like Schools are schools that have a similar percentage of the given demographic group.

The number displayed below is the difference between the expectation based on the linear regression model for the school and the school's actual performance. Positive numbers indicate that the school is outperforming look-a-like schools by the number of percentage points. Negative numbers indicate the school is underperforming look-a-like schools.

  • African American English Language Arts
  • African American Math
  • American Indian English Language Arts
  • American Indian Math
  • 10.20 Asian English Language Arts
  • 14.10 Asian Math
  • Filipino English Language Arts
  • Filipino Math
  • 2.10 Hispanic English Language Arts
  • 10.70 Hispanic Math
  • Pacific Islander English Language Arts
  • Pacific Islander Math
  • White English Language Arts
  • White Math
  • 15.90 Socioeconomically Disadvantaged English Language Arts
  • 25.30 Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Math
  • 14.60 English Learner English Language Arts
  • 18.30 English Learner Math
  • -10.20 Disabilities English Language Arts
  • -9.70 Disabilities Math

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P: 916-498-8980