Theme: Culture of Achievement
Organization Level: Institution-Level
Critical elements: Leaders, staff, and faculty within the institution believe preparing all students to successfully advance to the next level of education is an essential and obtainable goal. This mindset is central to establishing this system-wide mission. The goal shapes all aspects of the institution and is evident in the daily life of every student.
Practice: Clearly establish a system-wide mission believing all students can successfully advance to the next level of education.

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CriteriaLess Effective PracticesSuccess Factors for Meeting State StandardsSuccess Factors for College and Career Readiness
Communication of Mission

The mission of the institution is not clearly communicated and there is no guiding set of principles to determine priorities.

The institution clearly articulates on an annual basis the broad goals for all students concerning their academic achievement mission.

The institution frequently and consistently communicates a clear prioritization of specific change efforts to improve student outcomes.

Support of Mission

The institution is satisfied with working internally to attain its goals.

The institution does see value in cultivating specific outside partnerships to meet its goals.

The institution works with numerous outside entities such as feeder high schools, local industries, and four-year institutions, to attain its goals.

Learning From One Another

The institution allows no time or access to effective practices from other institutions.

The institution supports engagement with other colleges to better understand effective practices.

The institution creates venues where key concepts of effective practices learned from other institutions can be shared with a broad cross-section of faculty and staff.


The institution provides minimal support informing students transitioning from high school or any new student to community college other than the website.

The institution provides a face-to-face orientation program in which most students participate, as well as offers web-based orientation.

The institution sees great value in providing mandatory orientation programs for all students. These programs extend beyond the registration period to include mandatory first-year experience courses and/or intrusive advising services.

Multiple Measures

The institution continues to use only one placement test to determine the academic entry level for all students.

The institution evaluates college readiness using numerous, validated measures such as GPA and credit for prior learning for a sub-set of students.

The institution evaluates college readiness by using numerous validated measures such as GPA and credit for prior learning for all students.

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